Robert Bratley

Robert Bratley first encountered philosophy through his debate career, finding an amazing field which allowed him to learn more about himself and the world around him. Now, he is using a break in between his time in high school and his time in college in order to better interact with the thinkers he cares about and finds most relevant. However, throughout all of this he has been dogged by one thinker in particular: Jordan Peterson. Despite this man's growing popularity, his ideology has never sat well with Mr. Bratley so he has chose to speak out against him, examining why Peterson is popular and what that means for our future.

Jordan Peterson: A Haunted Man


Jordan Peterson has become a phenomenon across the academic world, drawing many young people into the realm of political philosophy and sociology. It is then a shame that all of the people drawn in by his work are misguided by his actual ideology. Peterson has chosen to blame many modern societal ills on "Postmodern Neo-Marxists- who have infiltrated and now control academia according to him. At this point, it is very common to point out how Marxism and Marxists differ from Postmodernists and the issues with his understanding of Marxism, yet, the important philosophical ideas of the Postmodernists- and the thinkers themselves- have been sacrificed in the defense of Marxism. However, the ideas of thinkers like Baudrillard and Derrida actually help us understand both Peterson, the world which allowed for his ideology to rise, and providing a vital insight into the haunting of our society by the futures lost to modernism.