Pre-Game Sessions

Those who aren't able to join physically will be giving presentations in advance to the conference. We are very excited to be joined by these distinguished guests.

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Tuesday, oct. 2

#JPCON Pre-Game Session with Jaden Adams and Antonio Garcia

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sunday, oct. 7

5:00 PM - Pre-Conference Keynote: Jordan Peterson Has No Future- Peter Frase

  • Chaotic Good: An Antidote to Jordan Peterson Peter Frase

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Tuesday, Oct. 9

#JPCON Pre-Game Session with Tanner Mirrlees and Ben Witham

Watch the video for these two talks here.

Tuesday, oct. 16

#JPCON Pre-Game Session with Brent Cooper and One More TBA

Check out the event on Facebook here. Join us in person in Boise or online via Google Hangouts.