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Matt Rosen

Matt Rosen is a philosopher, phenomenologist, and writer. He is the author of numerous books and pamphlets and his theoretic writings have also appeared in journals and anthologies.

The Heresy of a generic ethic: a reply to peterson


In this paper, I will offer no rebuttal to Peterson’s thinking, no sweeping critique, no singular objection. Deleuze tells us that objections are of no use, that they never move us forward, and the principle of charity demands that we begin in concession, in abnegation. In contradistinction to revolution, to revolt, I will offer heresy, an inversion from within, an embrace which is, in truth, something like Bruno’s embrace of Caesar. I will take on Peterson’s thinking such that we might find a way in, taking his thinking as our subject matter, as the object of our inquiry, as a generative tabula rasa for our own further thinking which might call it into question. With this in mind, I will give consideration to Peterson’s thinking in conjunction with Heidegger, Anglo-American pragmatism, Levinas, Laruelle, Henry, and my own work in crafting a generic ethic founded upon a phenomenology of the generic person whatsoever they may be.