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Jamie Morgan

Boulder County Democratic Socialists of America

Jamie Morgan graduated summa cum laude from Sarah Lawrence College where he studied cognitive neuroscience, specifically human memory, music cognition, and psycho-physiology. While at Sarah Lawrence, Jamie helped found the Cognition and Emotion Laboratory which studied post traumatic stress disorder, autobiographical memory and emotional well-being, the future self, and social remembering through an array of psychometric, physiological, and neuroimaging techniques. Jamie has since worked as a researcher at the Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Laboratory at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he helped lead the lab’s psycho-physiology data analysis and interpretation in bipolar disorder research.

In his own research, Jamie has investigated how sociocultural narratives influence, and often stifle, the scientific quest to discover shared truths. Intellectuals and academics, he argues, often skirt expected levels of criticism when their work meets an audience accepting of its premises and conclusions.  

The Pseudoscience of Jordan Peterson


This talk addresses Jordan Peterson's misuse and non-use of scientific research and thinking in relation to his role as a research scientist, clinical psychologist, professor, and popular intellectual. By analyzing two of Peterson's most popular scientific arguments (the relationship between humans & lobsters and gender as a strict binary system,) his opposition to research ethics committees, and his history as an unreliable expert witness in the Canadian judicial system, we find a disturbing pattern of indifference to scientific evidence, contempt of peer review, and disregard for rational argumentation. As such, Peterson's expertise and intellectual honesty in his domain of psychology and neuroscience are called into question.