Jacob Vangeest

MA student at University of Western Ontario's Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism; Certificate Student at the New Centre for Research at Practice

Jacob Vangeest is a MA candidate at the University of Western Ontario’s Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism. Working broadly at the intersection of political theory and continental philosophy, his research investigates problems and possibilities of sociopolitical change at the axis of positivity and negativity. Drawing upon the lineages of Spinoza, Nietzsche, and (to a lesser degree) Schmitt, his research engages in the disciplines of political theology, Deleuze studies, bio-politics, and non-philosophy. Jacob currently splits time between London, Ontario and Detroit Michigan where he lives with his partner Margot, and his dog Slavoj. He enjoys reading, hiking, and drinking tea.

Repression and Destruction: Contrasting Peterson and the Alt-Right


This presentation objects to the characterization of Jordan Peterson as analogous to the alt-right. Despite their simultaneous rise in reaction to neoliberal hegemony, this paper contends that while Peterson’s drive is one of repression—akin to the way Deleuze and Guattari speak about the repression of Oedipus in Anti-Oedipus—the movements of the alt-right and dark enlightenment are better characterized by the destruction and violence that is at the forefront of the fascism described in A Thousand Plateaus. Using this as a framework, this presentation will delve into the depths of these two movements, contrasting their dangers and suggesting that alternative means of resistance and revolution are needed as a counter to each.