#JPCON Friday, October 19

Our goal is to live stream all of the events on social media! If you want to help, let us know. You can help us gain visibility with this conference by sharing the live streams, photos of the conference, and posts about the conference, on your social media with the hashtag #JPCON.

As a reminder, remain professional. Our goal is to remain rigorous and mature in engaging Peterson as a cultural phenomenon, educate, and not get sued.


Friday, oct. 19

8:00 AM - Coffee and Registration Liberal Arts Building, Room 106

Come make sure your name is in the system and get your lanyard. Socialize a little, or chill in a corner and sip your coffee indifferently.

10:00 AM - Opening Remarks Liberal Arts Building, Room106

10:30 AM - Keynote: Debate Between Michael Brooks and Antonio Garcia Liberal Arts Building, Room 106

Debate between Michael Brooks and Antonio Garcia on the topic of how seriously we should take Jordan Peterson, whether he deserves some respect, etc.

LUNCH Recommended locations: Student Union Building (on campus), Interactive Learning Center (on campus), Chipotle, Papa Joes (Italian) (both ~13 minute walk from campus)

12:45 PM - Podcast: Zero Squared and Michael Brooks Mashup on the Anti-PC Industry Liberal Arts Building, Room 106

3:00-3:30 PM - Breakout Sessions


3:40-4:10 PM - Breakout Sessions


5:00 PM - Keynote: Peter Rollins on Slavoj Zizek vs. Jordan Peterson Liberal Arts Building 106


Optional after-gathering at Solid Grill & Bar, an 18 minute walk from campus, or catch a Lyft! Solid is a perfect springboard for checking out the downtown scene.

Solid Grill & Bar

405 S 8th Street

7:00-9:30 PM

Join us for some drinks and appetizers (vegan options available). All ages welcome!

Click photo for directions!

Click photo for directions!