Dave McKerracher

President of NSP, Adjunct Instructor at BSU, M.A. student studying philosophy and critical theory

At Boise State, Dave/Lisa (that’s “they/them” to you, Dr. Peterson) is the president of NSP, lead conference organizer, adjunct instructor, and an M.A. student currently exploring ways to retire making memes for Contrapoints. They like to hike and eat and sleep when not organizing or cuddling their cat, Rascal. They spent the summer building a tiny home and are currently looking for free place in another state to park it while writing their thesis this spring. Contact if you’ve got ideas.

Excuse Me, But You’ve Got Something In Your Teeth


Without understanding how ressentiment functions in our lives we are all susceptible to media that exploit it. Ressentiment is basically the ways in which we gain a cheap (interpassive) sense of moral and intellectual superiority to others while doing nothing. While we are all ultimately implicated in Nietzsche’s critique, the Anti-SJW Industry takes it a step further by arguing that you are a better person for doing nothing to correct for and fight historical and systemic injustices today. Just get back to work, bucko.