Brent Cooper

Political Sociologist

Brent Cooper is the Creator of The Abs-Tract Organization. His primary training is as a political sociologist, focusing on knowledge-power dynamics and elite-mass relations. He holds a B.A. in International Relations from UBC, where he won the Mack Eastman United Nations Essay Prize and received a Graduating Student Leader Award. He subsequently earned an MSc. in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics, where he crystallized a critical worldview. His varied work experience includes studying renewable energy markets at the National Research Council (Canada), internships at the Simons Centre for Disarmament and the Canadian International Council, and self-employment. Brent is also an accomplished filmmaker, and has written, directed, edited, and produced over an hour of cinematic content, including The Abs•Tract: Core Philosophy, a satirical short film about a mystery school that lays the groundwork for a dramatic paradigm shift. For the past few years he has participated in several online research groups, including one run by Hanzi Freinacht of  The Abs-Tract's Hypertextbook blog on Medium has over 40 articles on the subjects of abstraction, metamodernism, and the imperative of political climate change.

Jordan Peterson in a Nutshell; The Meta-Conservatism of Aggressive Passivity and Anti-Progressivism


The 100,000 ft view of Peterson reveals a paradoxical and ironic figure; a man who claims to be apolitical but amplifies conservative talking points in a time of conservative rule, who beats the dead horse of postmodernism while avoiding contemporary metamodern discourse, who is hyper-vigilant about personal responsibility yet wants nothing to change structurally, who is very articulate yet constantly misunderstood (to his disdain), who is an apologist for Christian theology in a time of both theocratic politics and a spiritual-secular renaissance, who is a solipsistic fetishist of heroism blind to his villainy for social justice, and who eats nothing but meat and happens to hate vegans, among other things (such as climate change skepticism). He is a nut in a shell that he has created, who expresses himself not passive aggressively but in aggressive passivity (explosive antipathy to change and progress). The nascent framework of metamodernism is invoked to address all of Peterson's ideological contradictions, as well as to directly respond to his call for correction and critique. The fact that it is ignored and rejected by him and his audiences speaks to the complexity of the subject, but more importantly to the resilience of the pseudo-intellectual status-quo and a new 'reproach of abstraction.' If he is a man of his word(s), then his evolution into an actual progressive figure would be inevitable, but the prognosis is pessimistic.