Adam Adkins (Dirt - Son of Earth)

Mixed Media Artist

While involved in the  DIY music and art scene in Memphis and coming into adult life during the financial crisis of 08 Dirt was struck with a spell of hypographia - a need to draw, a need to create which began to expand and expand beyond sharpie into any media he could get his hands on. Dirt creates art as a compulsion, convinced that if the right picture is painted, the right words rhymed, the right game outlined that we will start asking the right questions and answers will begin to emerge. Rooted in free drawing and stream of conscious art techniques, with heavy use of collage and colorful expression the Art of Dirt is challenging while remaining playful. The themes of Dirt are those of the earth, our changing times, and the complex play of perceptions that shape our reality. The Art of Dirt is a memetic pro-biotic, take twice daily.

Art as Covenant with God or Art as Cultural Marxism? Yes Please! A call for Artist to Imagine Utopia


“The artist is the first to articulate the unknown; the role of the artist in a healthy society is to bring into awareness elements of being that have not yet entered the collective consciousness.”

-Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has captured the imagination of a significant proportion of disenfranchised millennials not by his reactionary conservatism but by his insistence on the the self and the importance he places on the artistic process. One of his self help programs is “self authoring” where he teaches you how to envision yourself and in a way create your own character. This move, despite his attacks against it in name, is essentially a post modern process.

Peterson’s refusal to engage with the heavy hitters of both Marxism and postmodern philosophy, while favoring jungian archetypes show where his artistic charm starts to fray and why the reactionary conservatism acts as a necessary supplement to ground his ideas of truth, beauty, and culture.

I will present a fractured performance- Part investigation, part critique, and part manifesto. I will argue a need for the left to realize Peterson’s “role of the artist”. This will be an invitation to participate in/redefine the meaning of “cultural Marxism” and tease the metaphysical in order to change the world that we live in. One way to do this is to “bring into awareness elements of being that have not yet entered the collective consciousness” or to make social possible materialities not by covering the antagonism of capitalism with a guarantee of meaning and higher order but by demand to  participate in divinity itself.